Lefada Home

The house for everyone

Since 2013


The identity of Lefada Home is a young, innovative and compelling. Can be summarized in a few significant points that highlight the products, positioning and business strategies.

Our mission is represented by the marketing of furniture and home accessories with a strong emotional impact, almost like works of art, through a strategy of lateral distribution and then articulated on several channels. Style and originality at the right price, in contexts very different from each other but with one common denominator: the quality of service and prestige of the products. Hot lines and soft colors in the profiles; functionality and style to live intensely, to fill the unique emotions and fascinating all the rooms of our homes.

Lefada Home, best expresses these values through furnishing "extreme" and fashion, with accents of absolute originality.

So we explore the new "paths of taste" through a series of objects and merchandise lines characterized by the values of prestige styling. Kitchens, Living, Sofas, chairs, vases, lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, mirrors of various sizes, ornamental textiles, gifts and home furnishings evocative and sought; but above the console, and mobile containers of different shapes and sizes. All selected to exert a strong appeal on the final consumer, both in terms of functionality that visual and emotional impact, with the same evocative power of a sculpture or an oil painting thanks to the richness of the colors and the ability to furnish creatively every living environment.

Lights, colors, shapes and materials in the service of an ambitious project: the house seen as a single entity and unrepeatable, a versatile hologram that tells and describes the soul of those who created it and lives there with passion.

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